About the Photographic Products range

Southampton’s “New Product Range” celebrates 50 years of the City gaining a Royal Charter granting City status. These combine Southampton’s history, business, community and environment. with commemorative products.

Story Products have been designed and created in Southampton by specialists with independent businesses. They have been created to “Share the Essence” of Southampton and for consumers to find out more through exploration.
Featuring the skills of the community of independent artists, designers, businesses and their work, these products aim to encourage tourism and economic development with education within the City.

The support and advice from the Mayor Councillor Ivan White, the Chief Executive of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce Stewart Dunn and Councillor Matthew Tucker responsible for Economy and Leisure services is very much appreciated.

The principle designer Ann MacGillivray who graduated with a BA (Hons) in Product Design with Marketing from Solent University (Southampton Institute), believes in “A Fair Days Work for a Fair Days Pay” and “Quality not Quantity”. Production processes are as environmentally friendly as they can be and no-one has been exploited in the creation of these designs.
A percentage of the profit from each sale will be ploughed back in to the subject of each creation, to assist the contributor with their funding.


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